You’re Beautiful Ukulele Chords By James Blunt With Lyrics

Hello Ukulelians, Today we are coming with You’re Beautiful Ukulele chords and tabs with its beautiful lyrics. This beautiful song was performed by James Blunt.

g major
f major

You’re Beautiful Ukulele Chords



[C]  My life is brilliant,  [G] my love is pure
[Am] I saw an angel, [F] of that I’m sure
She [C] smiled at me on the subway
She [G] was with another man
But [Am] I won’t lose no sleep on that
[F] ‘Cause I’ve got a plan,
[F] you’re [G] beautiful


[C]  You’re beautiful
[F]  You’re [G] beautiful, it’s[C]  true
[F] I saw your [G] face in a [C] crow[G]ded [Am] place
And I [F] don’t know [G] what [Am] to do
‘Cause [F] I’ll ne[G]ver be [C] with you


[C]  [G]  [Am]  [F]




Yes, [C] she caught my eye, as [G] we walked on by
She could [Am] see from my face that I was
[F]  Fucking high
[C] And I don’t think that I’ll [G] see her again
But [Am] we shared a [F] moment that will last to the end
[F]  You’re beauti[G]ful
[C] You’re beautiful
[F] You’re beauti[G]ful, it’s [C] true


I [F] saw your [C] face
In a [C] crow[G]ded [Am] place
And [F] I don’t know [G] what [Am] to do
‘Cause I’ll [F] never [G] be with [C] you
[F] La la la [Am] la, la [F] la la [Am] la, la [F] la la [Am] la, la [G]
[C] You’re beauti[G]ful
[C] You’re beautiful
[F] You’re beauti[G]ful, it’s [C] true


[F] There must [G] be an angel
With a [C] smile [G] on her [Am] face
When [F] she thought up [G] that I should [C] be [G] with [Am] you
But [F] it’s time [G] to face the [Am] truth
I will [F] never [G] be with [C] you 


About Song

“In the United Kingdom and Australia, the song reached number one and number two respectively. When released as the debut single from Back to Bedlam in Canada and the United States, it reached number one on both charts and received widespread airplay.


In 2006, the song won an Ivor Novello Award for airplay. The song has sold 625,000 copies in the United Kingdom as stated by the Official Charts Company, and by October 2012 over three million in the United States”

Artists: James Blunt
Album: Back to Bedlam
Released: 2004


  • Grammy Award for Song of the Year 2007
  • Grammy Award for Record of the Year 2007
  • Brit Award for British Single with Mastercard 2006
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Cinematography 2006 
And Many More….

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