Woman Ukulele Chords by Doja Cat

Hello Ukulelians, Today we are coming with Woman Ukulele Chords with their beautiful lyrics. This beautiful song was performed by Doja Cat. It is a very easy song to play on the ukulele. Just follow the chords and song lyrics. Also, we recommend you, listen to this song at least a few times for better understanding.

This song Woman is on the “Cm ” key and We are using Cm Fm G Gm chords progression for playing the ukulele. If you want to check the chords diagram then you can follow our “Ukulele Chords” Article where we are giving the ultimate guide about all the basic chords.

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Woman Ukulele Chords

  • Song Name: Woman
  • Artist: Doja Cat
  • Chords: Cm Fm G Gm
  • Key: Cm
Tone: [Cm]
[Fm] [Gm] [Fm] [Gm]
Hey, woman
Hey, wo[Fm]woman [Gm] [Fm] [Gm]
Let me be your [G]woma[Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
I can be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
Let me be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
I can be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
Verse 1
I know what you need[G]need
[Gm]She give tenfold, come here, [Fm]poppa, plant your seed[Gm]seed
She can grow it from her [Fm]womb, a family[Gm]family
Provide lovin’ over[Fm]looked
and unappreci[Gm]ated, you see ([Fm]Yeah)
You can’t reciprocate[G]reciprocate
[Gm]I got delicious [Fm]taste, you need
a woman’s touch in your [Gm]place
Just protect her and keep her [Fm]safe
Baby, worship my hips and [Gm]waist
So feminine with [Fm]grace
I touch your soul when you hear mе [G]say, [Gm]Boy”
Let me be your [Fm]Woman
Let me be your [G]woma[Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
I can be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
Let me be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
I can be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Yeah)
Verse 2
[Fm]I can be your lady, I’m a
Woman, I’m a [Gm]motherfucker but they got a problem
Put some babies in your [Fm]life and take away the drama
Put that paper in the [Gm]picture like a diorama
Gotta face it, lot of [Fm]people love the opposite
‘Cause the world told me, [Gm]We
ain’t got that common sense”
Gotta prove it to [Fm]myself that I’m on top of shit
And you will never know a [Gm]god without the goddesses
Honest, it’s fuckin’ honest, kiddin’[Fm]kiddin’
[Fm]I could be on everything
I mean I could be the [Gm]leader, head of all the states
I could smile and [Fm]jiggle it ’til it’s pockets empty
I could be the [Gm]CEO, just a like a Robyn Fenty
And I’ma be there for you [Fm]cause you on my team, girl
Don’t ever think you ain’t [Gm]
‘head of these niggas dream girl
They wanna pit us a[Fm]against each other when we succeed
And for no reasons they [Gm]wanna see us
end up like we Regina on Mean Girls
[Fm]Princess or queen, tomboy or king (Yeah)
[Gm]You’ve heard a lot, you’ve never seen (Nah)
[Fm]Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top
[Gm]Divine feminine, I’m feminine (Why?)
[Fm]Woman (Daddy)
Let me be your [Gm]woman (Let me be your—)
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Let me be your—)
I can be your [Gm]woman (Daddy)
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Daddy)
Let me be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman (Daddy)
I can be your [Gm]woman
Woman, woman, [Fm]woman [Gm]
Eeee[Fm]Eeee, eee, eee
[Gm](Woman, woman, hey [Fm]woman)
Mm-hmm,[Gm]Mm-hmm, mm-hmm
(Woman, woman, hey [Fm]woman)
Mm-hmm[Gm]Mm-hmm hey woman

F.A.Q’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1: How to play Woman on the ukulele?

Answer: You can easily play this song on the ukulele. You have to just follow the chords and lyrics which we have given in this article. Also, make sure you are not pre beginner who doesn’t know about the chords and basics of the ukulele.

Que 2: What are the Chords of Woman?

Answer: The chords of the song are “ Cm Fm G Gm “. If you want to check how to use these chords in the song then you can check them up in the article.

Que 3: How to find easy ukulele chords of the Songs?

Answer: The best way to find easy ukulele chords of any song is our website where you can find any language or any genre song chords in a simple way.

Que 4: Is a ukulele easy to learn?

The ukulele is easier to learn than the guitar and other stringed instruments like the mandolin. Its soft nylon strings are gentler on your fingertips and don’t create finger pain like guitars do. … Plus, it only has four strings, which makes chord shapes and scales easier to learn.

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