Stairway to Heaven Ukulele Chords by Led Zeppelin

Hello Ukulelians, Today we are coming with Stairway to Heaven Ukulele chords and tabs with its beautiful lyrics. This beautiful song was written and sung by Led Zeppelin. Its very nicely arranged song for ukulele.

Song Name: Stairway to Heaven

Album: Stairway To Heaven

Artist: Led Zeppelin

Chords Used in this Song: [C] [Am] [Gmaj7] [D] [Fmaj7] [G]

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Stairway to Heaven Ukulele Chords

Intro: [Am] [G#+] [C] [D] [Fmaj7] [G] [Am] riff G2 E1 E0

[Am] [G#+] [C] [D] [Fmaj7] [G] [Am]

[Am] [G] [C] [D] [Fmaj7] [Am] [G] [C] [G] [Dsus4] [D]

[Am] [G] [C] [D] [Fmaj7] [Am] [G] [C] [D] [Fmaj7]

There’s a [Am] lady who’s [G#+] sure all that [C] glitters is [D] gold

And she’s [Fmaj7] buying a stairway to [G] hea[Am]ven

When she [Am] gets there she [G#+] knows if the [C] stores are all [D] closed

With a [Fmaj7] word she can get what she [G] came [Am] for [Am] [G] [C] Oh [D] [Fmaj7] oh [Am]

[Am] And [G] she’s [C] buying a [G] stairway to [D] heaven

There’s a [C] sign on the [D] wall but she [Fmaj7] wants to be [Am] sure

[Am] ‘Cause [G] you [C] know sometimes [D] words have two [Fmaj7] meanings

In a [Am] tree by the [G#+] brook there’s a [C] songbird who [D] sings

Sometimes [Fmaj7] all of our thoughts are [G] misgi[Am]ven riff G2 E1 E0 [Am] [G#+] [C] [D] [Fmaj7] [G] [Am] [Am7b5] [Am7] [D] 

Oh it makes me [Am7] wonder [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D] [Am7] Oh it [D] makes me wonder [Am7] [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]

There’s a [C] feeling I [G] get when I [Am] look to the west

[Am] And [G] my [C] spirit is [G] crying for [F] lea[Am]ving

[Am] In [G] my [C] thoughts I have [G] seen rings of [Am] smoke through the trees

[Am] And [G] the [C] voices of [G] those who stand [F] loo[Am]king

[Am] [G] [C] [G] [Am7] [D] Oh it makes me wonder [Am7] [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]

[Am7] Oh [D] it really makes me wonder [Am7] [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]

And it’s [C] whispered that [G] soon if we [Am] all call the tune

[Am] Then [G] the [C] piper will [G] lead us to [F] rea[Am]son

[Am] And [G] the [C] new day will [G] dawn for [Am] those who stand long

[Am] And [G] the [C] forest will [G] echo with [F] laugh[Am]ter

[Am] [G] [C] [G] [Am7] [D] [Am7] [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]

[Am7] [D] [Am7] [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]

[C] If there’s a [G] bustle in your [Am] hedgerow don’t be alarmed now

[Am] [G] [C] It’s just a [G] spring clean for the [F] May [Am] queen

[Am] [G] [C] Yes there are [G] two paths you can [Am] go by but in the long run

[Am] [G] [C] There’s still [G] time to change the [F] road you’re [Am] on

[Am] [G] [C] [G] [Am7] [D] And it makes me [Am7] wonder [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]
[Am7] [D] Ooh [Am7] [Em] [D] [Am7b5] [D]

[C] Your head is [G] humming and it [Am] won’t go in case you don’t know

[Am] [G] [C] The piper’s [G] calling you to [F] join [Am] him

[Am] [G] [C] Dear lady [G] can you hear the [Am] wind blow and did you know

[Am] [G] [C] Your stairway [G] lies on the [F] whis[Am]pering wind[Am] [G] [C] [G] [D]

[A7sus4] [Dadd4] [Dsus4] [A7sus4] [Dadd4] [Dsus4]

[A7sus4] [Dadd4] [Dsus4] [Dadd4] [Cadd9]

[A7sus4] [Dadd4] [Dsus4] [A7sus4] [Dadd4] [Dsus4]

[A7sus4] [Dadd4] [Dsus4] [Dadd4] [Cadd9] [G]

Solo: [Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am] repeated
[Am] And as we [G] wind on down the [F] road [G]
[Am] Our shadows [G] taller than our [F] soul [G]
[Am] There walks the [G] lady we all [F] know [G]
[Am] Who shines white [G] light and wants to [F] show [G]
[Am] How every[G]thing still turns to [F] gold [G]
[Am] And if you [G] listen very [F] hard [G]
[Am] The tune will [G] come to you at [F] last [G]
[Am] When all are [G] one and one is [Fmaj7] all
[Am] To be a [G] rock and not to [F] roll
[Am] [G] [F] [Am] [G] [F] [Am] [G] [F] (slow down) [Am] [G]
[Fmaj7] And she’s buying a stairway [G] to [Am] heaven

About Song

stairway to heaven led zepplelin
“Stairway to Heaven” is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, released in late 1971. It was composed by the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant for their untitled fourth studio album. The song is often regarded as the most popular rock song of all time.
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Movie: The Song Remains the Same
Released: 1971
Awards: Grammy Hall of Fame
Genres: Hard rock, Rock, Classic Metal

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