Ranjha Ukulele Chords in Shershaah Movie

Hello Ukulelians, Today we are coming with Ranjha Ukulele chords and tabs with its beautiful lyrics. This beautiful song is from the Shershaah movie and Performed by Jasleen Royal and B Praak. Here we are arrange this song with its accurate and easy chords. Hope you will like it.

Ranjha Ukulele Chords

[G] .. [C] .. [Am]
[G] .. [C] .. [Am] .. [F] .. [G]

[C] Roothhii Aee Sabttee Rbbaa
Rbbaa Dill Bhee Haiii Roothaa
[F] Sab Kuchhh Haaii Bikhraaa Bikhra
[C] Bikhrraa Saa Roothhaa Roothhaa

[Am] Chupp
Maahhii Chhuupp Haii Ranjha
[G] Bolee Kese Ve Naaa Jaa
[Am] Bolee Kese Ve Naa Jaa
[C] Aajaa Aajaaa …

[Am] Bolee
Kaise Ve Naa Jaa

[G] Bolle Kaise Ve Naa Jaa
[F] Chuupp Maahhii Chuupp Haii Ranjhaa
[C] Aajaaa Aajaaa…

[Am] .. [Em] ..
[F] .. [C]..

[C] Ve Meraa Dholaa Ni Aayaa Dhola
Ve [Am] Meraa Dholaa Ni Aayaa Dhola
Ve [F] Meraa Dhola Ni Aaya Dhola
Ve Mera [G] Dhola Ni Aaya Dhola


Oh [C] Rab
bhi Khell Haii Khelle
Roz [Am] Lgawe Melle
Kehndaa [F] Kuchh Naa Badlaa
Jhooth [G] Bole Harr Velle

Oo Rabb Vi [C] Khell
Haii Khele
Rozz [Am] Lgawe Melle
Kehndaa [F] Kuchh Naa Badlaa
Jhuth [G] Bolle Har Velle.


[Am] Chuupp
Mahii Chupp Haii Ranjha
[G] Bolle Kaise Ve Naa Jaa
[F] Bolle Kaise Ve Naa Jaa
[C] Aajaa Aajaa …..



[Am] Bolle
Kaise Ve Naa Jaa
[G] Bolle Kese Ve Naa Jaa
[F] Chuupp Maahii Chupp Haii Ranjhaa
[C] Aajaa Aajaa…..


[Am] .. [Em] ..
[F] .. [C]

[C] Ni Mai Rajj Rajj Hijjarr Mnawaa
Ni [Am] Mai Khud Toh Russ Murjhawaa
Ni [F] Mai Rajj Rajj Hijjar Manawaa
Ni [G] Mai Khud Toh Russ Murjhaawaa

[C] Klii
Bheed Ch Baiithi
[Am] Terii Peed Le Baiithi
Russeya [F] Ranjhaa Ve Mera
Mai Vi [G] Kamm Na Aiithi

[C] Klli
Bheed Ch Baiithii, Baiithii
[Am] Terii Peed Lae Baiithhi, Baithhi
Russeyaa [F] Ranjjha Ve Meraa, Meraa
Mai Vi [G] Kamm Naa Aiithi…


[Am] Chupp
Maahi Chupp Haai Ranjhaa
[G] Bole Kaise Ve Naa Jaa
[F] Bole Kaise Ve Naa Jaa
[C] Aajjaa Aajjaa…



[Am] Bolle
Kaiise Ve Naa Jaa
[G] Bolle Kese Ve Naa Jaa
[F] Chuupp Maahii Chuupp Haii Ranjhaa
[C] Aajaaa Aajaaa …

Ranjha ukulele chords

About Song

The music of film was composed by Tanishk Bagchi, B Praak, Jasleen Royal, Javed-Mohsin and Vikram Montrose with lyrics written by Manoj Muntashir, Rashmi Virag, Anvita Dutt, Jaani and Tanishk Bagchi.

The film was scheduled to release theatrically on 3 July 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On 20 February 2021, the new release date was announced as 2 July 2021, before being postponed again. The film premiered on 12 August 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

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