Mahalo U-30WT White Economy Soprano Ukulele: Price, Reviews and Specifications

Now Mahalo Ukuleles are available in a rainbow of colors. The U-30WT is White and comes with it’s own color-matched bag for easy and safe transportation to the Beach or the weekly lesson.

Perfect for those who prefer the guitar-style geared tuners on their ukulele, this affordable, soprano-sized Mahalo U-30WT ukulele offers a maple body that’s stained white, and its fingerboard and bridge are also constructed of maple but stained ebony black. It’s complemented by polished brass frets and smooth and accurate, nickel-plated guitar style tuners (14:1 ratio) with plastic buttons for easier tuning. A color-matching white gigbag is included.

Mahalo U-30WT White Economy Soprano Ukulele Price

Mahalo U-30WT List Price : $134.00
Sale Price : $94.00
You Save : $40.00 (30%)

Mahalo U-30WT White Economy Soprano Ukulele Specification

Size : Soprano
Overall body length : 21 inches
Scale length : 13-5/8 inches
Top construction : Maple (with White Painted)
Back/side construction : Maple (with White Painted)
Fretboard construction : Maple
Neck : Nato
Bridge : Maple
Electronics : N/A
Number of Frets : 12
Type of tuners : Geared
Accessories : Gigbag included

Mahalo U-30WT White Economy Soprano Ukulele Review

It’s economy line of Ukuleles, Great value for beginner

Some product reviews :

  • Product reviewsI got this as a gift a few days ago and I havent been able to put it down. The strings get out of tune quickly within the first few days,but after you tune it a few times (10 +) then they will keep tune very nicely and it helps you to learn how to tune your new uke. Im a beginner and I love it.
  • Product reviewsSounds pretty nice, its a great deal for its price, when you first use it, tuning it gets annoying becase it gets out of tune like every strum but hthen after a few hours it will increasingly stay tuned for longer as time goes by
  • Product reviewsYou get what you pay for. The uke is cheap but it does it’s job of introducing the instrument to beginners. It’s usually about 20 ticks off tune when I pick it up for the day, but that’s an easy fix. The U-30 was never made to sound great, but to open you up to the instrument, and it does that well. if you’re looking to mess around with a uke, this will be perfect for you.

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